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Temperature Scanners Press Release

As Ireland continues in the phased reopening of our country in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will begin to see a new normal in our everyday lives. Irish workplaces are no exception to this and we can expect numerous changes as people are gradually allowed to return to work to ensure everyone’s safety and continue to help contain the spread of the virus. The Irish government has issued advice on how to help employers and employees regarding returning to work by publishing a ‘Return to Work Safely Protocol’ on 8 May 2020. This document outlines measures to be implemented in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. The document outlines methods of COVID-19 prevention and control measures and states that employers must “implement temperature testing in line with public health advice”, and workers must “complete any temperature testing as implemented by the employer and in line with public health advice”. The World Health Organisation has said to “check the body temperature of employees daily so that employees with fever don’t come into work” as a measure that could assist in creating a COVID-safe workplace and prevent transmission of the disease between employees. With this in mind, Tipperary Company Horan Automation and Robotics based in Drangan, who primarily design and manufacture automated machinery for the pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing industries has worked hard to provide temperature scanners to the Irish market as a new offering.

Many public-health experts expect that temperature-scanning systems will become the norm in everyday life across the world. In the weeks to come, we may see these scanners used not only at airports, as we have seen on news bulletins throughout the pandemic but also throughout workplaces and anywhere else where numerous people gather en masse. Temperature scanners are seen as a way of helping ensure the safety of employees and others who will return to the workplace. Horan Automation and Robotics are now providing walkthrough temperature scanners to their customers, in order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading within workplaces upon returning to work. When entering premises where Horan’s Temperature Scanners are used, people can check their body temperature by walking through the machine which uses infrared body temperature monitoring, allowing for a non-contact detection of somebody’s temperature. This allows the scanner to become the first line of defense against the virus breaking out in a work environment. The walkthrough scanners allow for a faster method of screening, detection time is less than one second. If the temperature of the person being tested exceeds the set warning temperature, a light or sound alarm can be set, allowing for an efficient method of monitoring people entering the building and making it easy to ensure anyone displaying a high body temperature does not gain access to help ensure the safety of other people inside. The result of the temperature scan is displayed on an LED screen on the scanner, which also allows for people to monitor their own results and track changes in their body temperature to become more COVID-19 conscious. Emma Lacy, Commercial Director of Horan Automation and Robotics, states “The current market situation has been difficult for everyone, we are no different.  We have continued to support our customers and team as best we can.  We wanted to use our resources and network to help fight the COVID-19 crisis as far as possible so we decided to look into sourcing temperature scanners.  At this time when the world is on its knees, we wanted to bring the scanners to businesses at as low a cost as possible to enable them to get back up and running with one less financial worry.  We are therefore offering the scanners at half the RRP as our way to support economic recovery.”

Horan Automation and Robotics have so far been able to weather the COVID-19 storm. They have remained operational throughout this pandemic, as they are an essential service. Remaining open was crucially important in order to allow key customers providing essential supplies to pharmaceutical and medical industries to continue to work throughout the global COVID-19 outbreak. In March Horan Automation and Robotics deployed half of their engineering team to one of their pharmaceutical customers to install a new line, and through the help of Horan Automation they been able to manufacture COVID-19 testing kits for hospitals and test centers throughout the country. On this Emma Lacy says “Being on the list of essential services meant we quickly had to focus our team on why we are essential, to provide crucial support to our customers.  Without this support those customers couldn’t meet manufacturing demand for food, medicine or medical supplies.  In March, we were working day to day and I was well aware that we were asking a lot from our engineers who were understandably feeling uncertain and nervous about the potential risks of carrying on work.  I must commend each and every one of them; they have worked tirelessly and continue to do so.  I am proud to say we have a team of hard working and selfless staff.  They play an integral part of contributing to the health and wellbeing of the masses.”

Horan Automation and Robotics are providing these walkthrough temperature scanners at a huge discounted rate of just €3500, half the recommended retail price. This is order to make it more affordable for businesses getting back to work. Horan Automation and Robotics see this as their way of contributing to the economic recovery. In times where allowing people to return to work safely and ensuring containment of the spread of the virus are most pivotal, companies altering their business model to provide products such as Horan Automation and Robotics are doing is vitally important. For more information on the temperature scanners or any of Horan Automation and Robotics’ offerings contact sales@horan.ie or +353 52 915 2208.

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