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VESDA® – The industry leading smoke detection system for Datacentres

Life Safety Solutions for the DataCom & TeleCom Industry

Smoke detection systems play an essential role in the overall protection strategy for mitigating fire risks in Data Centres and Communications Infrastructure. The ideal smoke detection technology would be one that provides reliable very early warning fire detection and capable of monitoring the entire fire progression providing alarm thresholds for staged response leading up to the initiation of suppression systems. The very early warning of a potential fire incident, put simply the awareness of a fire incident before any substantial damage or loss is incurred will enable time to…

  • investigate and understand the threat
  • prepare staff and visitors
  • stage the response and avoid the cost of nuisance alarms
  • Investigate options for control of the fire (fan shutdown, suppression release, etc.)
  • transfer data and processes to redundant systems
  • evacuate the premises
  • suppress the fire
  • ensure data centre uptime

Ultimately, the key goal for any Data Centre or Communications Infrastructure operator is uptime and a key contributor to ensuring uptime is detecting a fire event before critical fire size is reached allowing personnel the time required to control the situation, mitigate consequences, and reduce the impact on operations (i.e. avoid shutting down operations, senior management involvement, fire department response, suppressant release).

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