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Refurbish or Replace? You Decide!

The performance and sustainability of HVAC heat exchangers has been a subject for debate given their construction and external exposure to the elements, corrosion is inevitable, as are the subsequent losses in performance and shortened equipment life cycle.

However, these factors can be combated with the application of an effective anti-corrosion protection for the casing, the framework and the coil block. This protection not only prevents further corrosion but maintains performance, improves functional performance, reduces energy consumption [CO2], improves cleanliness and extends the serviceable life.

Approved by equipment manufacturers and supported by BSRIA studies, the patented anticorrosion treatments for heat exchanger coil blocks, contain metal particles, which support improved heat transference and therefore energy efficiency. The coatings for the casings and framework consist of a polyurethane penetrating primer and top coat.

The Protective coatings can be applied either at designated premises prior to installation or on site. There is limited down time and disruption to service, building function and building users, with payback usually less than 12 months. There are numerous detailed case studies available.

Case study of energy savings on a chiller with coated heat exchanger coil blocks

Here is an example of treated casings, framework and heat exchangers :

St Jame’s Hospital Middlesborough :

The coating company on behalf of Carillion, undertook to repair the rusted areas on the framework and coat the corroding coil blocks. As you can see from the pictures this was achieved by deep cleaning and acid washing the framework, applying a penetrating primer (Refamac 3509) and finishing with a Polyurethane top coat with specified RAL colour (Refamac 3510). The coils were coated in a wax based coating, containing bronze in the pigmentation.

Coil deep cleaned prior to coating                          Coil coated in wax based coating

Framework prior to clean and preparation              Framework with a primer base coat

Framework based in Refamac 3509                            Unit with top coat of Refamac 3510

The work was warranted for 5 years but will last considerably longer. The ROI was within 12 months in energy savings alone. The performance of the unit was brought back to where it was when installed and has maintained that performance since. The work was carried out in 2009 and the coating company goes in once a year to wash down the coils and monitor the coatings, they are still in excellent condition. As a result of this work the coating company has been engaged on other projects in the UK.

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