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KSS – Your Fire Suppression Maintenance Partner.

Installing a Fire Suppression System to protect your Staff, Assets & Company Operations is an excellent step, but, it’s only the first!

All Fire Suppression Systems require planned, routine maintenance to ensure the system is as affective & compliant as the day it was installed.

KSS will work with you to draw up a Preventative Maintenance Programme that suits your needs, while ensuring all Maintenance & Testing is completed in a timely manner & adhering to all relevant Standards.

By developing a Fire Suppression P.M.P you are actively protecting the investment you’ve made & ensuring that your operation avoids unnecessary downtime caused by faulty or outdated Fire Suppression Equipment.

Talk to us today about our suite of services including;                                                        

  • Full Mechanical Inspections / Servicing                                                                       
  • Full Electrical Inspections / Servicing
  • Room Integrity Testing

For more Information contact alan@kssfiresuppression.ie

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