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Introducing Coolgenic Cold Aisle Containment: The Premium Global Brand

Coolgenic Cold Aisle Containment: A Global Leading Solution

Coolgenic cold aisle containment is a brand of cold aisle containment developed by Cross-Guard to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Coolgenic cold aisle systems are unique in the fact they are made bespoke to the requirements of the client. The cold aisle systems are designed and manufactured to fit the space to form a complete seal around the cold aisle, and Cross-Guard’s expert installers are available to install the products even in challenging environments such as tight spaces, or in circumstances where you have existing server cabinets of varying heights and sizes.

Serving the IT and Data Centre markets for over 20 years, Cross-Guard is a specialist provider for a variety of products, including cold and hot aisle containment, security cages (certified options available), and server safes. The Coolgenic cold aisle containment brand arises from the company’s well-established history of providing custom-made cold aisle containment products, either directly or with installation by Cross-Guard’s professional team.

In order to promote the new Coolgenic brand, giving clients all the information they need, Cross-Guard has recently launched a sub-website at cold-aisle.com that is dedicated solely to cold aisle containment. The website is a dedicated resource that explains how cold aisle containment functions, the features and components, the benefits, and why Coolgenic cold aisle systems have further benefits compared to other similar products on the market.

Clients have a variety of flexible options with Coolgenic cold aisle containment systems. Not only are the systems manufactured to fit, consisting of doors, a roof, and infill panels as necessary to complete the seal, the cold aisle systems can also be powder-coated in a variety of colours to match the client’s brand. The client can also select from a range of cold aisle doors and roofs.

Recent cold aisle containment doors include the premium aluminium bi-sliding doors with a sleeker look and feel, and the double-skinned doors that are extra thick for security. For cold aisle roof developments, Cross-Guard is also proud to offer a range of options including an FM-approved shrinkable roof.

For those interested in the Coolgenic cold aisle containment brand, check out Cross-Guard’s new, dedicated website, or get in touch with the company for further details. Cross-Guard also looks forward to exhibiting at DataCentres Ireland and hopes to see you there.

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