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Gain Some Clarity

Monitoring the load on the power network and ensuring that each process is accurately costed provides clarity of operation and control of costs. Frer’s range of multifunction meters with onboard communication presents a range of tools by which the recording of energy consumed on a network can be easily, accurately and efficiently captured, costed and billed. Utilising the Frerlogger software package allows for the monitoring, protection, reporting and invoicing of the energy usage, whilst retaining all the captured data within the firewall of the IT network by being installed on a server or computer wholly owned and operated by the client.

As a European manufacturer of instrumentation, CTs, transducers, communication interfaces, digital earth leakage relays and other measuring devices, Frer can provide a range of measuring devices for AC and DC network monitoring. The QUBO series of class 2 multifunction meters, offering full network monitoring with harmonics as a standard, are available with inbuilt webservers and ethernet gateways, allowing the one unit to act as the master for up to two other Frer MODbus enabled devices. The captured data can be read via the Frerlogger software package, through which alarms and emails may be configured for critical values or irregular event notification. The package allows invoicing for the calculation and billing in sub metering applications. The FRER MID approved C70QTL range of MID meters can be used for primary metering application.

In Practice

A recent application saw the requirement for the monitoring and reporting on the power security of an outside broadcast unit. The primary distribution boards were a three-phase supply 400V 160A, which was feeding to outside broadcast transmission control desks, one as a back-up at all times. These control desks were 230V 80A loads. Both ends of the network, three-phase and single phase, had a mixture of AC and DC loads leading to a requirement of a Type B earth leakage relay for one part of the installation, to monitor the mixed AC and DC leakage on the same AC network, and for the pure AC side a Type A earth leakage relay. The installation was mobile and designed to be used globally. Thus, a remote monitoring package that required a geographical reference or GPRS modem connection would have been an unnecessary administration task each time the units were moved.

Each of the units had to be monitored remotely and energy data and the state of the earth fault protection reported back to one central computer. Using the Frerlogger package installed and wholly owned and operated by the outside broadcaster, it was possible to create a bridged wireless network to monitor the parameters, setting trip and alarm points to prevent them going off air mid broadcast.


The packaging of the Frer multifunction meters in either a DIN rail or a 72 or 96mm panel mount meter allows a client to design a system that can have the metering locally but utilises the same MODbus registry across all Frer MODbus enabled devices. Frer devices that can be added into a MODbus network includes their range of transducers for AC and DC networks, meters with relays, Earth Leakage relays and MID approved energy meters. Frer can provide other interface devices such as the MCILAN485- serial to Lan interface unit, the MCIUSB- serial to USB interface unit and IEC61850 enable meters and interface units. All these products along with measuring, high accuracy and protection CTs and VTs are manufactured in Italy offering rapid delivery, solid product support and customer focused project delivery.

All the products carried by TVR Instruments carry the relevant European safety and performance marks. The scope of our supply is to provide a quality product, promptly, at a price point that can offer security of supply and confidence to our customers that we will be there to support their route to a successful install.

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