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Faster installation and more efficient cooling with GF Piping Systems

Reliable, secure and energy-efficient – these buzz words are the driving factors in the data center industry, demanding solutions of the highest standards. The Swiss company GF Piping Systems provides leading-edge piping systems for mission-critical cooling.

In today’s digital world, data centers are an essential part of our infrastructure that require mission-critical cooling plants. To avoid failure and downtime, the equipment and piping within these plants must be highly reliable and as energy efficient as possible. Since data centers have such quality requirements and high-energy consumption, the GF Piping Systems state-of-the-art solutions help to provide steadfast reliability and the best possible energy efficiency. GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of plastic and metal piping systems with a global market presence, including a team dedicated to serving the data center industry.

Growing capacities and faster processors are continuously increasing the cooling demand. In many data centers, the energy consumed by the cooling system accounts for a third of the total power requirement. Data centers today are already responsible for two percent of the worldwide power consumption. Experts estimate that this figure will quadruple in the next 20 years. In view of this, operators are keen to cut energy costs and show a favorable carbon dioxide balance. The pre-insulated COOL-FIT system by GF Piping Systems can reduce energy consumption by an average of 25 percent, and hence significantly increase cooling efficiency.

Time is money – in today’s digital world, this applies more than ever. Mark Bulmer, Head of Global Market Development for Data Centers at GF Piping Systems, is familiar with the industry and its challenges: “The pressure to plan, erect and commission a data center is increasing dramatically. Besides, many construction sites are located in geographically remote places. GF Piping Systems provides crucial support as a partner, with the pre-insulated COOL-FIT system.” It is difficult, often impossible, he says, to retrospectively install insulation in inaccessible places. The COOL-FIT cooling system is installed more quickly, being pre-assembled off-site. Furthermore, pre-installed insulation is of a higher quality and much more efficient than retrofitted insulation. With a global presence across more than 100 countries, GF Piping Systems is always close at hand, even when it comes to cross-border data center projects and remote regions.

GF Piping Systems is not only a manufacturer and supplier but also as an experienced project partner. Experts provide extensive project support – from the initial planning through to commissioning. Services offered include assisting during certain aspects of the planning and engineering phases. “Another service offered is design pre-assembly to suit the general contractor’s planning activities and take as much pressure off the installation engineer as possible,” states Bulmer. “With over 60 years of experience and a portfolio of 60’000 products, we ensure customers are in safe hands every step of the way,” he adds. Staff are deployed on the construction site to brief operators and remain available for all concerned once commissioning is complete.

The plastic piping systems by GF Piping Systems are non-corrosive and do not have to be replaced throughout the entire service life of the system. The Swiss company puts its products through their paces at nationally accredited testing facilities, ensuring the highest quality. Therefore, they contribute to the increased reliability of the system while lowering maintenance costs and staff requirements. Weighing up to 60 percent less than metal systems, they have lower static requirements and are easier to transport. Innovative jointing technologies such as cementing or integrated electrofusion allow them to be installed up to 50 percent faster. What is more, their low CO2 footprint, high energy efficiency, and recyclability are essential elements in lowering the environmental impact.

If you are aiming to build a data center with a state of the art cooling system to be more energy-efficient, consult your local data center expert for specific advice how GF Piping Systems can assist your project. You can benefit from 60 years of practical knowledge in designing, manufacturing, and commissioning plastic systems by augmenting your team with GF Piping Systems specialists. For more information visit: www.gfps.com/data-center


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