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Datacenterportal is making waves by providing verified data to enable smart decisions

Accurate and reliable information on data centre sites and their capabilities is notoriously difficult to get hold of. We inhabit a secretive sector that keeps information close and can be somewhat liberal with the detail. Sources of accurate reliable information about the data centre sector are rare and to date arguably non-existent.

Set up in 2013 datacenterportal saw an opportunity to provide the market with verified and accurate details using technical information supplied directly by data centre operators across the globe.

Datacenterportal is a searchable directory of information and insights, which is not limited to a single country or region, nor simply a directory of products and services.  Rather an information set with applied engineering-based intelligence and expertise to qualify the information presented.  The result for subscribers is the ability to search for features and specifications based on multiple requirements in order to find and compare data centre facilities and services at a more granular level and with a high degree of confidence.

“Whilst there are a number of routes for potential customers to search for data like ours, often it is from generic sources based on information already accessible in the public domain, which can often be unreliable.” States Ufuk Gukveren owner of DCP

He continues “Datacenterportal is designed to be different – it is an intelligent system with one key difference – verified data which is built by data centre experts in collaboration with data centre leaders.”

Taking the guesswork away from customers’ decision making

Datacenterportal provides the level of information customers need to make critical purchasing decisions. The aim of DCP is to take both the guesswork and the legwork out of datacenter evaluation and site selection. This results in saving time and money, and gives our users confidence that the data is reliably qualified.

Datacenterportal intelligence is not simply a check on resilience and availability of a facility.  It provides non-public and privileged information which has been made available to datacenterportal by clients – all of which is held securely within the portal. The portal’s algorithms work this data to produce the initiated search results.

The search results enable users to compare and qualify sites without the need for site visits and the use of expensive third party engineering consultants to check. This work has already been done for those sites who have either supplied detailed technical information or the sites have been visited by on of our Chartered Engineers who are qualified data centre experts.

A final word from the creator, Ufuk Gucveren “In our mission to continue to provide users with verified data across the globe, we continue to attract the market’s leaders. This is adding value to those users looking for the right model and provider for them. The value of our portal is that we can provide a level of accuracy that is not possible from non-qualified sources.”

“Whether you are a data centre operator or you are interested in accessing this valuable data, we would be delighted to hear from you. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. If data centres are your target market, please contact us to discuss your requirements.”

Website:  https://www.datacenterportal.com/

Phone:  +44 7954 001978  or  +44 7767 205706

Email: ufuk.gucveren@unisonius.com  or nicky.thompson@unisonius.com

Twitter: @ColoPortal

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/datacenterportal-com/


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