Dynamic Changes to Global IT Supply During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Techbuyer’s sustainability department The world has tipped on its axis. We need to find flexible, creative solutions for enterprise IT infrastructure during these unprecedented times. Techbuyer’s sustainability department shares the company’s approach of high quality, low cost servers, storage, networking and more here. The pandemic has meant that businesses around the world are having to […]

ASEE – Specialists in Engineering Integration. Delivering world class MEP services

Latest News  – Gantry crane installation method ASEE along with our partners successfully tested a Gantry crane installation method for Containerised Generator sets chosen to mitigate issues with ground loading pressure restrictions, tight landing space and overhead power lines which all prevent the use of mobile cranes. Big shout out to our Gerard Daly and […]

VESDA® – The industry leading smoke detection system for Datacentres

Life Safety Solutions for the DataCom & TeleCom Industry Smoke detection systems play an essential role in the overall protection strategy for mitigating fire risks in Data Centres and Communications Infrastructure. The ideal smoke detection technology would be one that provides reliable very early warning fire detection and capable of monitoring the entire fire progression […]

LHP-PC Series – Loop Heat Pipe for Data Centers

Heard of loop heat pipes? They solve the performance, orientation and integration issues that come with traditional heat pipes; while keeping the benefits of no power, no noise, no maintenance and critically no water (we use a dielectric fluid). Click here to find out more

10 factors to consider when choosing a data centre UPS battery

Data centre operators want the best class of available technology, including related batteries, for their UPS systems. Currently, the two mainstream UPS battery technologies are lead-acid and lithium-ion (Li-ion). This article introduces the strengths and challenges of each for users. If you do not already have a copy, the “10 Key Factors to Consider” listicle […]

CATALYST Project Update

CATALYST aspires to turn data centres into flexible multi-energy hubs, which can sustain investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. Leveraging on results of past projects, CATALYST has adapted, scaled up, deployed and is in the process of validating an innovative technological and business framework that enables data centres to offer a range of […]

How Coronavirus May Affect Future of IT Data Centre Operations

IT professionals may be used to dealing with the threat of viruses, but certainly not the pandemic that is coronavirus. Nearly all industries will be impacted by the ongoing spread of the virus and we need to be aware of the potential IT and related business issues that could arise. Disruption to IT operations in […]

Run of the mill or ‘architects of data centre change’

Let me start by saying when it comes to the services offered by the top companies in our industry, none of us has any USPs. And before the emails start hitting my inbox, let me explain what I mean. Firstly, the top ten companies within the data centre design and build sector all promote similar […]

Vimpex leads the way with Hydrosense Water Leak Detection System

Despite significant resources spent on reducing loss through fire, there is a much greater threat to business continuity, disruption and asset damage through water leaks. Statistics show that the most likely cause of claims in blocks of flats, hotels, retail premises and commercial buildings is water damage. UK insurers confirm that water leakage is now the costliest […]

Vimpex are open, operational and active!

In light of the current situation, we are updating you regarding our current position. Vimpex are open for business! We remain fully dedicated to our customers, and as a key manufacturer and supplier to the evacuation, rescue and industrial industries we are able to offer support by keeping people safe in critical situations. We are […]