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Cagney Contract Cleaning – Your Data Centre Cleaning Specialist

Cagney Contract Cleaning is the leading provider of specialist data centre cleaning in Ireland. We understand the specific requirements and sensitive nature of cleaning these environments.

Data centre cleaning is crucial to prevent unscheduled downtime, overheating equipment and to maximise power efficiency.

We understand that cleaning and removal of dust, dirt, sand, pollen, human particulate and other airborne contaminates is vital for ensuring the reliable operation of a data centre. It is imperative that these tasks are performed to a high standard with compliance with the Health & Safety, Security and Training Procedures.

We make sure that the cleaning procedure of data centres for our client is simple and transparent as possible.


Cagney Contract Cleaning provides cleaning services for all type of IT environments at the costs that represents value to our clients. In addition to the critical / production areas we also provide cleaning to the administration and screening areas. We also provide ad hoc industrial cleaning and emergency call outs with support of our Industrial Division.

We provide cleaning to:

·         Colocation Rooms ·         Sub Flooring
·         Electrical Rooms ·         MVA Rooms
·         Battery Rooms ·         MVB Rooms
·         Reserve Rooms ·         MDF Rooms


Cagney Contract Cleaning staff is supplied with metal free PPE, equipped with the latest HEPA technology machinery, use appropriate cleaning materials and following all procedures outlined on the work permit.

Our staff are different to other cleaners because they are specialists in their field. The continuous training program provided and the strong supervision in place guarantee that our staff have the knowledge and adhere to the standards expected.

Health & Safety, Training

Prior to cleaning we ensure that the full compliance of Health & Safety, Security and Training Procedures are in place. Our experienced management and supervisory team create a fully documented assessment to assure all aspect of the provision is covered.

This assessment includes:

·         Risk Assessments ·         Assessment of the required equipment and materials
·         Method Statements ·         Cleaning Schedules
·         Training Requirements ·         Emergency Action Plans


  • Health and Safety is a company priority and all staff receive on-going training on these issues
  • All staff receive in-house training and on-site induction training
  • Manual Handling training is provided for all staff
  • Arc Flash and any required specialised Electrical Safety Training provided for staff where required
  • Cagney’s operate continuous refresher training in the form of Toolbox talks


  • Cagney Staff Recruitment
    • All staff are interviewed and assessed prior to being offered employmen
    • All documentation is checked, and references are verified.
  • Staff must always carry their Cagney photo ID
  • Staff must wear identifiable, company uniform which complies with H&S regulations


To build a successful working relationship it critical to be open and transparent with all our clients.

  • Our Company Quality Policy will be available to you in the site folder along with any other pertinent documents
  • We will conduct monthly site audits facilitated by our ECAT auditing tool

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is of our ultimate quality check. We are therefore committed to a program of continuous improvement, which provides a clean and safe environment for all.

When you select Cagney Contract Cleaning, you are choosing a company that has

  • Proven track record in the contract cleaning industry
  • A diverse customer base of over 600, with sites of all sizes and functions
  • Expertise to develop site specific cleaning procedures, tailored to each customer’s individual needs

To meet Cagney Contract Cleaning – Register for DataCentres Ireland https://www.datacentres-ireland.com/registration/


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